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Classic cakes
These cakes are classic cakes of our country! They have been popular for 40 years! And now, with modern techniques we can give them new interesting life,
They are special and have soul inside.
  • New interesting techniques
    We open different and interesting world of tastes and techniques you have never tried before.
  • Meringue base, custard creams, suffle, honey dough...
    We will learm 9 new recipes. As different as can be.
  • Simple and effective decoration
    Very simple. Very beautiful.
  • We will surprise you with a variety of flavors and combinations, from ordinary and familiar to us in desserts, to the most interesting interpretations.

Course program

  • Anthill
    shortcrust dough
    filling cream
    chocolate cream for decoration
  • Kievskii
    meringue cakes
    special custard cream
    cream for decoration
  • Praha
    chocolate sponge,apricot filling, chocolate filling, chocolate cream for covering
  • Moscow
    hazelnut meringue cakes
    hazelnut cream
    cream for decoration
  • Esterhazy
    nuts meringue cakes
    nuts cream
    cream for decoration
  • Leningradskii
    shortcrust rolled cakes
    chocolate filling cream
    chocolate decoration cream
  • Classic Honey cake
    honey rolled cakes
    honey sour cream
  • Сondensed milk cake
    chocolate sponge, condensed milk mousse, condensed milk cream
  • Bird milk dessert
    sable breton, vanilla souffle, chocolate glaze, vanilla ganache for decoration
Bonus lessons
for the first 50 students
Anthill chocolate balls
Honey cake with berry in jars
Flight cake
Classic cakes
  • 9 video lessons for all stages of preparation
  • Group chat support
  • Sertificate
  • Unlimited access to course
  • 3 bonus recipes
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