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Only tell CHEESE
Cheesecakes in JARS, which you cant forget!
  • Beginners will delight themselves and their loved ones with a variety of tastes and just the pleasure of cooking
  • Confectioners will learn this simple dessert and make wow effect on new customers
  • Professionals diversify their assortment with trendy low-cost desserts and excellent flavors

Yulya Zalesskikh
Cheesecakes have firmly entered our lives. I invite into this sweet cheese world. And many just continue this adventure with me! Because over 1,000 people have taken our first cheesecake course. And I have something to surprise you, for the first time or again ...
    -bake 7 varieties of jars cheesecakes
    -surprise everyone,especially your customers with new flavours and desserts
  • -make your own flavours
    -keep these deserts in freezer and be ready for anycase
    -know a lot of ganaches,merengues, confit, sable, frangipani and others...
Jars cheesecakes

Poppy seeds
Red berry
Cream brule
Cherry brownie
Currant coconut

  • Theory, tools, cost
    Why so, and not otherwise? At what temperature, how long to bake the perfect cheesecake? The technology of preparation of the correct cheese mass. Freezing and long-term storage of cheesecakes.
  • Sablé, varieties of cheese flavors, confits, marmalades, ganaches…
    As always, a lot of interesting recipes for you. We will bake saber, savoiardi, frangipane, make honey dough, learn how to diversify cheese masses and cheesecake decorations. Let's explore the options for confit, marmalade and ganache for decoration.

Jars cheesecakes
  • 7 video lessons
  • Guide "How to substitute ingredients without lose of taste"
  • Group chat support
  • Sertificate
  • Unlimited access to course
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