Selfsweets school
Layers cakes
-tools and ingredients
-techniques and recipes
-videos and feedback
These cakes are something new and not like what you tried before. Interesting textures, specials creams, marmalades and a lot of fillings inside.... Those cakes you can use anywhere, they are stable and soft at the same time.
Why Choose Us
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
And the most important tastes better.
  • High quality
    We shoot our lessons in great quality. They are less than 20 mins-we value your time.
  • Support
    We are always ready to answer your questions. You can ask in group chat.
  • Experience
    We create cakes and desserts for about 6 years.
    We make our online courses more than 3 years.
  • Chef Yulya

    Have experience in live classes all around the world from India to South Africa.

Who is this course for
or why you need to join us

  • Beginners
    -base for your training
    -feedback from chef
    -delight of friends
    -earn first money with cakes
    -can make orders
    -practice yourself

  • Practicing chefs
    -new techniques
    -surprised with interesting combinations
    -how to adapt cakes to local ingredients
    -increase amount of orders
    -new decoration
    -range of your cakes

  • Business owner
    -pack of finished and NEW product to your business
    -competitive advantage
    -refreshment of your range

Course program
or what you can find inside
  • Hazelnut-praline-coffee
    coffee rolled cakes, hazelnut praline,
    sour cream, coffee cream
  • Pistachio-cherry
    pistachio rolled cakes, cherry caramel, cherry sour cream,cherry filling,
    pistachio buttercream for frosting
  • Pistachio-mango-passion fruit
    pistachio rolled cakes,
    passion fruit mango caramel, passion fruit mango ganache, passion fruit mango cream.
  • Rafaello
    coconut cakes, coconut ganache, nutella cream,coconut sour cream

  • Orange-raspberry
    orange rolled cakes, orange mousse,
    raspberry cream, orange confit
  • Chocolate-citrus
    chocolate almond cakes,
    lemon custard cream.
    lemon mousse for assembling
  • Classic Honey cake
    almond vanilla cakes,vanilla cream mousse.
    black currant cream,blueberry confit
  • Chocolate-banana
    chocolate rolled cakes, banana ganache,
    banana cinnamon cream,chocolate cream,
    caramelized banana
  • Oats-vanilla
    oatmeal rolled cakes, white chocolate vanilla ganache, sour cream vanilla,
    crispy chocolate layer
  • 9 video lessons
  • Group chat support
  • Sertificate
  • Unlimited access to course
Open your mind to new experiences
And make your cakes better than ever.
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