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Merengue rolls course
Merengue rolls - a few years ago no one even heard of them. But now they can be found in any pastry shop or cafe. Pistachio with raspberries or classic... I suggest you go ahead and surprise everyone with the variety of flavors and textures of your rolls.
  • Merengue base
    We will study the options and ways to diversify the meringue, from walnut and coconut, to completely berry with puree in the composition
  • Special creams
    Custard cream , cheese, namelaka cream , ganache- all will be waiting for you in course
  • Feelings
    We will study the options for fillings, for the very heart of our rolls, why and how they can be made
  • Let's stop the roll into art, learn to diversify tastes, and the final of the course will be your own taste of the roll!!

Do you need experience to complete the course? No, a little diligence and training, and everything will work out. Meringue roll is easy dessert. At the same time, it is very efficient and fast. During the course, you will get your hands on and be able to sell your creations.

Yulya Zalesskikh
Pistachio with berry and custard cream
Hazelnut with pear
Poppy with lemon
Coconut with blueberries
Mint with lime and strawberry
Coffee chocolate

  • Theory, tools, cost
    Why so, and not otherwise? At what temperature, how long to bake, how to twist, when to cut? Technology for preparing the right meringue, creams and fillings.
    Let's take a look at the tools. And of course we find out that the roll is a very profitable dessert. And if you cook assorty, your customers will just go crazy
  • Merengue bases, confits, ganaches, creams, custards, cheese creams and more..
    As always, a lot of interesting recipes for you. We will cook, twist and cook again.
Roll Together
  • 7 tastes of rolls
  • Video lessons for all stages of preparation
  • Guide "How to substitute ingredients without lose of taste"
  • Group chat support
  • Sertificate
  • Unlimited access to course
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