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I invite you again to the wonderful world of desserts
It is very hard to call these desserts only cheesecakes. After all, you won't even feel the presence of cheese in this dessert if you don't know in advance. This is a delicacy of amazing texture. Therefore, let there be just sliced popsicle desserts! And what is so delicious inside remains our secret. I invite you again to the wonderful world of desserts to continue this adventure with me! Because over 6000 people have taken our courses. And I have something to surprise you, for the first time or again ...
What is waiting for you to know?
  • Of couse recepies
    We will study, work out and understand what is the magic of such an unusual, but at the same time surprisingly attractive dessert.
  • Simple and effective decoration.
    We will learn how to use the simplest techniques for decorating mini desserts, and get a wow result without too much efforts..
  • Different covering
    We will study the color and flavor variations of glazes for our popsicles. And of course you can use it for other desserts too!
  • Why should you choose us?
    • 5 years of live workshops around the world
    • 3 years of online courses in different languages
    • more than 6000 happy students
    • over 300 original recipes by chef Yulya

  • Beginners will delight themselves and their loved ones with a variety of tastes and just the pleasure of cooking
  • Confectioners will learn this simple dessert and make wow effect on new customers
  • Professionals diversify their assortment with trendy low-cost desserts and excellent flavors

Yulya Zalesskikh
  • Snikers ( chocolate biscuit, peanut crunchy layer, chocolate layer, caramel-peanut layer)
  • Bownty (chocolate biscuit, coconut crunchy layer, coconut cheese layer)
  • Orange-almond (vanilla biscuit, almond crunchy layer, almond cheese layer, orange layer)
  • Banana-milk chocolate (banana biscuit, chocolate layer, banana layer)
  • Berry (biscuit with berries, berry layer, berry confit)
  • Strawberry-vanilla (almond biscuit, almond crunchy layer, vanilla layer, strawberry layer, strawberry marmalade)
  • Apricot-mango (vanilla biscuit, apricot layer, mango layer, apricot marmalade)
  • Cherry-hazelnut-toffee (chocolate biscuit, cherry confit, cherry layer, hazelnut chocolate toffee)
  • Theory, tools, cost
    Why so, and not otherwise? Let's look at possible errors. The technology of preparation of the correct cheese mass. Freezing and long-term storage of cheesecakes.
  • Biscuits for the base, varieties of cheese flavors, confits, marmalades, ganaches, glazes…
    And as always, a lot of interesting recipes and solutions for you. We will bake a variety of biscuits, prepare interesting toppings, diversify cheese masses and cheesecake decorations. Let's explore options for caramel, marmalade and ganache. And also learn all about glaze for decoration.
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