Selfsweets school

Sponge cakes course
-tools and ingredients
-techniques and recipes
-videos and feedback

Who is this course for
or why you need to join us

  • Beginners
    -base for your training
    -feedback from chef
    -delight of friends
    -earn first money with cakes
    -can make orders

  • Practicing chefs
    -new techniques
    -surprised with interesting combinations
    -how to adapt cakes to local ingredients
    -increase amount of orders
    -new decoration
    -range of your cakes

  • Business owner
    -pack of finished and NEW product to your business
    -competitive advantage
    -refreshment of your range

Course program
or what you can find inside
  • Almond-cherry
    almond sponge, cherry creme, cherry filling, cherry whipped ganache, cherry cheese cream, almond cheese cream
  • Coconut-passion
    coconut cakes, coconut ganache, passion fruit ganache, coconut sour cream, coconut cheese cream
  • Dark chocolate-citrus
    dark chocolate sponge, citrus confit, citrus creme, dark chocolate cream
  • Hazelnut-pear
    hazelnut sponge,caramel pear,ganache coffee, cream coffee
  • Chocolate-vanilla-pekan
    chocolate sponge, vanilla ganache with pekans and prunes,chocolate cream
  • Blackberry-lime-coconut
    coconut-lime dakuaz sponge, blackberry mousse, coconut mousse,lime custard shu
  • Pistachio-mokko
    chocolate hazelnut sponge, mokko mousse, pistachio mousse, ganache for covering
  • Tangerine
    tangerine sponge, tangerine custard cream,tangerine marmalade, buttercream
  • Strawberry-rafaello
    coconut sponge, rafaello ganache, strawberry mousse,coconut cheese cream, swiss merengue cream
  • 9 video lessons
  • Group chat support
  • Sertificate
  • Unlimited access to course
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